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    "I have the unique distinction of being one of Colette's first prenatal teaching students. Although it is hard to find the words to describe my experience;  extraordinary, eye opening, challenging, brilliant, empowering, nurturing, divine would be a start. I was then and have been since extremely blessed by Colette's teaching and her guidance. Because of her I have touched the lives of countless women and their families in the last 10 years.


    These classes will inspire you to embrace all that is feminine and what Mother truely means. It will give you the tools to provide the women in your community with knowledge and empowerment. If you have it in your heart to connect with women and make a difference in their lives this prenatal teacher training program is for you." 
    - Cara Wright, Spokane, WA



    "I was drawn to Seattle by inner force to attend Colette’s course to become a better prenatal yoga teacher. I had been teaching prenatal yoga for 2 years but there was something missing. I needed more knowledge and confidence.

    It was hard work for me to go that deep with in my self and face my obstacles. My fear and doubts were standing in my way, to feel confident in my work. I am so grateful for the wisdom and the inspiration which I received from Colette. To day I am teaching yoga full time, mainly prenatal yoga which I love teaching. I was inspired by the philosophy of healing the natural birth and I am proud to be able to share this knowledge in my classes.
    I am honored to have been Colette’s student. And I feel the urge to seek more knowledge in my practice."
      - Margret Skuladottir, Yoga with Maggy, Reykjavik, Iceland
    “Through inspiration and wisdom Colette guides her students to live in the moment, transcending the quality of birth and yoga into everyday being.”
      - Alyssa Miller, Prenatal Yoga Center, New York, NY
    “Colette asks us to look deep within ourselves to identify and release our own personal blockages. She has taught me to be the best teacher that I can be, which involves a lot of hard work. The only way for me to be an open, responsible and conscious teacher is if I raise my own personal consciousness and awareness.”
      - Debra Flashenberg, Prenatal Yoga Center, New York, NY
    "I made quite an effort (in terms of physical energy, time and money) in traveling to Seattle to attend this course. The things that I got from this course were far more than I gave. I was 4 months pregnant while at this course. Colette helped me to awaken the innate power within me. I began to trust my body and listen to the intelligence from within. I gave birth naturally one day before my due time.

    I have become a thinking woman (a wiser woman) and do not just listen to what the medical world tells me. Colette told us to look for the risks and the benefits and weigh them when we were given options. I carry this thinking to other areas of my life."

    - Cheryl Wong, Yoga Teacher, Hong Kong, China

    “As the mum of my 19-month old son and my unborn baby expected in November of 2007, your training has enriched my experience of pregnancy and motherhood in countless ways. I often use the tools from these readings and your training to practice gentleness, presence and surrender when I face the daily challenges of mothering young children. I felt so enriched by the stories you shared which made us all laugh, cry, and feel in our very bones the importance of this work.
    For my beautiful unborn baby and I, your trainings were times of great reflection and bonding. You facilitated a deep spiritual and emotional opening for me which, is still unfolding. That is perhaps the greatest gift you have left with me. I look forward to using the tools from your training as equally in my personal life as I do with the pregnant women I will work with in the years to come.
    Finally, I want to thank you for sparking my deep interest in pregnancy and birth in our world today. I felt drawn to learn more about birth as I delved into my own prenatal practice, but the inspiration you have shown me has ignited what I believe will be my life’s work."
      - MarySue Henneberry, British Columbia, Canada
    "Colette's teaching reach far beyond information about pregnant bodies and prenatal yoga, she teaches teachers how to see and interact with people -- mothers, their children, and partners -- who are experiencing one of the most transformative intimacies of life."

    - Gayla Marie Stiles, Brooklyn, New York
    "During my second pregnancy I was looking for a deeper experience of birthing. I was already at a quite advanced stage when I found about Colette's training. I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend it.
    I'll never forget that first pregnancy yoga class with Colette. Guided by her voice, gentle and firm; with her presence in every word, my baby and I were breathing every moment. I felt one with my baby, one with the other mothers to be, one with the flowers on the windowsill, one with the leaves rustling in the wind outside. Everything was in resonance, everything came together in that very
    moment, I felt connected, open to receive and give love.
    Colette walks her talk, and with her, I learned to open the door to love, let it come in and replace fears within me. I learned to trust myself, my baby and life. I learned that I can allow myself to be who I am, to consciously take my life in my hands and take time to be a mother. Her teachings helped me to accompany my baby through our birthing experience, and let her accompany me in my role of mom. I learned to say "YES" to love, and what is sometimes even more important in this organized world, I learned to say "NO" to fear. And I hope to pass this on to my girls!
    Colette's teaching is a celebration of motherhood: for pregnancy, birthing, and parenting, for family life and beyond."
      - Suzana Martinovic, France

    "My prenatal yoga training with Colette became so much more than I had ever imagined. Her program was the catalyst for introspection and personal growth. In addition to providing us with the tools necessary for an in depth understanding of prenatal asana, breath work, anatomy and the issues surrounding pregnancy, Colette led each of us into a self-discovery process.
    In my case, it began with examining the births of my 3 children, all c-sections in the 1980's and early 90's. It was during the required assignment of writing my "birth story" that I was unexpectedly struck by the unaddressed grief I had been harboring for 17 years.
    Through Colette’s understanding, knowledge and compassionate concern regarding the effects of c-sections on mothers, babies, and families, I was led to confront my grief, deal with it, and eventually heal.
    It was my experience, that Colette’s program provided me with much more than the intended knowledge and skills required to become an exceptional yoga teacher. This program facilitated my heart in opening to the sacredness of pregnancy and childbirth in ways I had not experienced prior to this training.
    Colette inspired within me the passion to help women realize the gift of the birthing experience,  that sadly so many women are unknowingly surrendering to unnecessary c- sections and other harmful interventions. She has a unique ability to enable her students to become empowered as teachers and more importantly as women setting healthy examples for other women.
    Like Colette, I am deeply concerned and saddened by the high rate of c-sections. Determined to educate women towards natural childbirth, I now have my own prenatal program based upon all I learned from Colette.  Knowing that my students are experiencing "conscious" pregnancies and births, inspires me to continue this important work.
    I thank you Colette each day, for sharing your passion, devotion, and wisdom with me, and all your students.
    With constant gratitude and respect,"
      - Karen Glick, R.N. BSN, founder of Karensyogabirth


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