Katherine LeeRYT 200, PRYT

    I have been a student of yoga since 2001, and explored many different styles of practice before completing my teacher training in the Viniyoga tradition in 2009.  Upon completing my 200-hour certification, I felt drawn to explore prenatal yoga, and the gentle yet powerful Feminine Energy.  I began studying with Colette Crawford just as I became pregnant, and was able to put my learning into practice as I journeyed through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.  I came to know my own feminine power, of which childbirth is the ultimate expression.  I learned how the breath keeps us in the present and connected to the body.  I learned how to use and protect the body as it transforms through the stages of pregnancy and postpartum.  I continue to learn how to hold space for yoga students, mothers, fathers, and babies to move through their own growth and transformation.

    My daily practice consists mostly of mindful parenting.  Raising a child requires constant awareness and presence.  It forces me to examine and accept my own weaknesses, wounds, and attachments because my child mirrors and mimics me.  Parenting also bursts with joy and growth.  I am learning that to give my child unconditional love and acceptance requires first that I give myself these gifts.


    When I embarked on Prenatal Yoga Training, I didn't know my practice would connect me, in a way, to all women and children.  I understand now that when you heal yourself, you heal the world.  And when you care for others, it nourishes yourself.  I am honored to be invited into your yoga practice and walk alongside you in your journey.


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