Shelley Curtis

Although yoga didn’t come into my life until I was in my late thirties, I cannot imagine my body, mind, or spirit without it.  I find it wondrous that yoga can do so much on both the gross and subtle levels. And the possibilities are limitless. Now that I am in my late forties, I find that my practice is much more gentle and since I have two very active young boys, my asana practice is persevering rather than regular. But I’ve learned to integrate pranayama and meditation into my daily life and am learning that it is just as powerful as my physical practice use to be. And I hold the hope that I can return to a daily physical practice that is rich and full in the very near future. As for now, I live in the moment as best I can and bask in the glow of motherhood and my sons’ energy and zest for life. They are my truest treasure.

I was fortunate to receive an incredible foundation in Viniyoga under the tutelage of Tracy Weber. I took her 200-hour teacher training while I was pregnant with my second son and I believe he and I share a special bond because of it. During that training, I felt powerfully drawn to serve moms and moms-to-be. When I took Tracy’s 300-hour teacher training I was amazed at how my whole life perspective could transform yet again, and my passion for supporting women grew to new heights. Lest I get comfortable with the status quo, I entered Colette Crawford’s prenatal yoga teacher training and everything shifted monumentally in three short, but very long, weeks. It is then that I realized my true journey is with and for women. Through teaching prenatal and postpartum yoga, supporting new moms as a postpartum doula, and (eventually, I hope) supporting laboring women as a birth doula I hope to ensure that women truly feel their power and trust in themselves completely to birth and mother to their fullest potential.

Shelley is a substitute teacher at SHC.

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