The Labor Workshop

Every three weeks, check our Workshops Page for dates

This is one of the best workshops you can take to prepare you for Birth!   
You may wonder: What will labor be like? How will I cope with the pain? Will I be able to help her the way she needs me to? The intention of this workshop is to help you connect with each other and feel more confident in your labor and birth through:

  • Breathing, massage, acupressure and relaxation techniques
  • Specific movements that can help your baby be in an optimal position for birth
  • And mother's positions that will help you cope with the pain of labor

You will also learn about the normal process of labor and how the environment affects labor. By the end of the class you both will feel inspired and confident to birth your baby!  You can take this class several times if you want, and at any stage of your pregnancy.

Preregistration required. Register early as class size is limited!

January 21 FULL

Feb 2, 7-9pm

Feb 25, 1-3pm

Experiencing pregnancy together is a dynamic journey. Practicing yoga together can build connection with your partner to navigate the challenges of pregnancy and birth. Through yoga practice, we will alleviate discomforts in the body while exploring the connection between the mind and body. As our bodies and minds expand, there becomes more expansion in our consciousness—a wonderful base for beginning the journey of supporting this new life that is coming through you.

You can bring anyone as your partner: husband, wife, partner, mom, sister, friend….anyone who desires to practice and support you on this journey of pregnancy/birth/mothering.

No prior yoga experience necessary. Instructor is Aditi Grandy, certified nurse-midwife at Northwest Hospital.

On-going weekly class

$40, drop-in per couple or use 2 classes from your discount card

Expanding Together: Yoga for Pregnant Women and Partners

Sundays, 4-5:30pm

Register here.

Infant Massage

Once a month, look at our Workshops Page for dates

Massaging your baby is easy and one of the most rewarding and loving activities you can share together.  Regular massage helps to develop your infant’s brain and nervous system, improve visual acuity, and stimulate the senses. It is a testament to the power of loving touch and how it nourishes the deep bond between parent and child. It also helps your baby sleep better and relieves gas and symptoms of colic. 

You will practice several massage techniques based on Ayurveda techniques, along with specific baby movement exercises and playful songs that are fun for you and your baby. Fathers or partners are especially welcome at no extra charge.  

$30 drop-in or use 2 classes from your discount card.

For infants who are pre-crawling (two months to one year).

Please bring an extra blanket or soft towel or two for your baby to keep her warm and comfortable during the massage.  Since we will be working with oil for the massage (compliments of SHC!), an everyday blanket is best, rather than your treasured heirloom.

A handout of techniques is given for your home practice.

I Can Birth: Childbirth Preparation Program

Monthly, check our Workshops Page for dates



In this 2-day weekend intensive you will learn:

  • how undisturbed birth is best for you and your baby
  • breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques for labor
  • movement and labor positions
  • how to strengthen your coping skills
  • gain knowledge and confidence about labor and birth
  • and more...

The I Can Birth program provides more depth of understanding about the body-mind connection, the roles of hormones, and more explanation behind the bodily functions of birth. You get more time to practice breathing, yoga, and coping techniques, and work with meditation and energy.  You also receive information about hospital practices and learn about the current standards of care, alternatives to hospital birth, and help you think about what fits best for you and your family.  

We live in a time where birthing is seen as something that requires intervention. This discounts the mother's natural power to birth. Today with 98% of births experiencing routine medical interventions, we are losing our understanding of what an undisturbed "natural" birth really is.  Cesarean Section rates have soared, along with induction of labor, epidural anesthesia, forceps and vacuum deliveries. These methods carry their own risks.  

A spontaneous vaginal birth is likely to be the safest and most satisfying option for you.  The majority of women can birth without any interventions. Women and babies have the inherent wisdom necessary for birth.

The workshop spans Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Pre-registration required.


Community Events

Monthly, check our Workshops Page for dates


Village Prenatal

A special gathering for pregnant women to feel nurtured, heard, supported and nourished.

We gather out of selfless service to support and encourage the instinctual life of pregnant women who are trying to birth in power against a modern current of fear and an environment of many interventions.

We are grandmothers, mothers, sisters, midwives, aspiring midwives, doulas, nurses, doctors, yoga teachers, psychiatrists, pharmacists, energy and body workers, ministers and anyone else who cares deeply about simple and sacred birth.

We are here to help her:

  • Nourish her body, baby and spirit
  • With support, encouragement and inspiration
  • Bathe in a sense of belonging
  • Trust her intuition
  • Strengthen her confidence in her body – that it has all the right answers
  • Believe in herself – no one has her knowing
  • Do it her way
  • Speak her Truth
  • Find a place of peace to make her own decisions 

We do this through sharing a nutritious vegetarian lunch, talking circle, stories, meditation, and more.

If you want to bring a beloved elder woman in your life please do! We ask that the she bring a potluck dish to share. Please have her contact Colette, who is organizing the shared lunch, by email (

The Parent Village

The sole purpose of The Parent Village is to create a circle of love, where the impossible becomes possible. Where ease replaces fear and power is established.

We, the community, gather out of selfless service to support, inspire and encourage parents as they do the most important job of all – parenting their children.

We shower them with our attention and bathe them in a sense of belonging. We cherish them, as they are the guardians of our future.

Our message to parents is:

Trust your intuition. Follow what makes sense to you. Do it your way. Find a place of peace to make decisions. Take your time. Find your truth. Speak your truth. You know your child better than anyone.



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Adjusting to Parenthood

Fridays, 11:30am



This new mom support group offers additional support for the emotional changes and challenges of adapting to parenthood. 

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming, and it often takes time to adjust to changed roles and unfamiliar experiences. Good support can help ease the transition, especially if it provides a place for new mothers to come together and express the reality of how hard parenthood can be.

Adjusting to Parenthood is a place for women to feel heard and to be honest about the highs and lows of motherhood. It offers a supportive environment in which the full range of postpartum experiences is welcomed, and the everyday realities of being a new mom are understood.

We now welcome kiddos up to 18 mo+ to ensure moms get the support they need.  Toddlers are welcome to join us in group,  there is no separate childcare.  

Drop in fee $15 or  4 class pass $45; pay as you can

No group Dec 22nd or 29th, 2017

Facilitated by Mia Edidin, LICSW

Mia Edidin is Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Seattle with a private practice in Wallingford.  Mia has worked with families for more than 15 years. Mia primarily works  with new parents, specializing in pregnancy and postpartum emotional adjustment, attachment,  and relationship difficulties.  In addition to her clinical work with families Mia is the Director at Perinatal Support Washington-  a state wide nonprofit focuses on perinatal mental health. for more info:

For more information about the Seattle groups, please email or call (206) 659-7773.

Perinatal Support WA has groups and resources throughout the area, including a call in Warm Line to access support, information, and resources about mental health and new parenthood-  for more info please visit 

This group is co-sponsored by Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS), Perinatal Support WA and Seattle Holistic Center.