Meg Golden

I wandered into my first yoga class thanks to a sign on the street in Queenstown, New Zealand in the year 2000. Lucky to have stumbled in with an excellent teacher, to whom I remain ever grateful, yoga became a consistent accessory to my many other athletic obsessions for the next several years.

It was with the birth of my daughter in 2009 that yoga took on a deeper role in my life. The intimacy of practicing yoga with babies in utero and the tethering affect that yoga brought during postpartum opened my eyes to the deeper world that yoga has to offer.

One of my greatest joys in yoga has been witnessing the ways that it can bring transformative experiences to all who are open - regardless of age, size, shape or story. And similarly, as yoga is for connecting the world and serving all walks of life, family yoga and its inherent inclusivity has its own special place in my heart.

Meg teaches Emotional Balancing for Women on Thursdays at 7:15pm.