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Emma Snoland

In the constant flow of life, we often forget to give ourselves the much need time to unwind and listen in on what our bodies need. My hope is to create a space for expectant and new mothers, to come into my yoga class and let it all out on the mat for the time we share together. I focus on connecting to the power of the breath.  It is through the breath we can gain a greater awareness of the strength of the pelvic floor, back, hips and heart. I look forward to helping each woman strengthen her practice, so she can move in to motherhood with confidence, strength and ease.

I began my journey of serving the birthing community by becoming a Doula in 2016 – it has always been in my blood to support and uplift others. I feel immense privilege in being part of women’s lives as they move into the transition of motherhood.

I completed my 100- hour Prenatal Yoga Training at the Seattle Holistic Center under the love and guidance of Colette Crawford. I believe that being a Prenatal Yoga Instructor is a perfect complement to my work as a Doula. When not empowering woman on and off the mat - I enjoy hiking, cuddling up with a good book and painting.