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Prenatal Yoga

Every day!

New student offer: 5 classes for price of 4, $60

Drop-in: $17

Discount class package available. 

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Whether preparing for pregnancy, or in your first to third trimester, our classes are safe and gentle for everyone.  No previous yoga experience needed.  

Prenatal yoga helps you manage the discomforts of pregnancy, while maintaining wellness, and preparing you for birth.  You will build strength and flexibility as your body and baby grow, but more importantly, our classes will help you connect your body and mind, and create space in your consciousness for your pregnancy and journey into motherhood.

Please eat a light snack at least one hour before class to maintain normal blood sugar levels. We have herbal tea and filtered water in the studio.

Mom & Baby Yoga

Tuesdays, 11:30am

Thursdays, 3pm

Gentle yoga poses are taught to help you to strengthen, energize, and tone your whole body while deepening your sense of well being. We will focus on specific areas such as neck, shoulders and lower back, and strengthening your abs and pelvic floor.

Mothers offer each other support and share parenting tips. Information is given on feeding your baby, newborn/infant care, infant/child development, and postpartum recovery. Come to class when you feel ready. Our classes are safe and individualized to meet your needs. 

Baby Gym

Thursdays, 11:30am

Be pro-active in your baby’s development! In this fun-filled class you will move to the beat of active songs and combine specific age appropriate exercises for your baby's developing body and brain.  Padded gymnastics mats make it comfortable for you and your baby.

The first three years of life are critical for your baby's developing brain. Skin-to-skin contact, carrying your baby and tummy time on your body stimulates your infant's nervous system and physical and cognitive development. Along with sleeping more soundly your baby will gain more control and coordination of his or her body while increasing agility, flexibility and strength.

For babies age two months to one year (or walking).

The third Thursday of month is Baby Sing-Along with Lorraine Bayes, founder of Tickle Tune Typhoon, children's singing group. Please check the schedule for dates.

All Levels Yoga

Sundays, 9am 

Tuesdays, 5:30pm


This class offers you a chance to practice mindful breathing, meditation techniques and devotional chanting as you practice simple asana. You will learn the fundamentals of technique, flow, breath, and relaxation in a safe and structured way.

Our classes are ideal for the beginning or advanced student alike. Students of all levels who are ready to deepen their practice are welcome to attend. 

Gentle Yoga

Tuesdays, 10am

A slow-paced, less rigorous yoga class, where the emphasis is on alignment and breath. A great class for those who want to slow down either because you're tired, injured, living with arthritis or wanting to get inspired by women who are still practicing yoga at 85!

Restorative Yoga

Thursdays, 10am

Classical yoga poses are modified with the aid of props like bolsters, blankets, blocks, and yoga straps to provide more support to the body. This helps the body to relax deeply, supporting a calm mind and clear vision.

Through gentle movement and breathing practices, learn ways to relieve the effects of stress, which can weaken your immune system, challenge your blood pressure and create tense and painful holding patterns in the body.

This will also help you on those days when you are feeling tired and depleted or are recovering from an illness or injury.

The art of relaxation brings out the power and infinite potential within you.

Baby Dance-Along

 Wednesdays, 2:30pm

Seattle Holistic Center-7053.jpg

Babies are born with natural rhythm. Come and nurture it in this interactive and energetic class where we support your well-being and baby's cognitive, sensor motor and social development.

We dance to Mediterranean and Latin American music that will get you and your baby moving and grooving and feeling great.

Bring your baby carrier (or not!) and let's get moving. For babies two months and up. For Moms, Dads, Grandparents or Nannies and the baby  you bring.

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