yoga classes

Our classes are ideal for the beginning or advanced student alike. Students of all levels who are ready to deepen their practice are welcome to attend. 
Please check the class schedule to confirm class times and/or reserve your spot.


all levels yoga

This class offers you a chance to practice mindful breathing, meditation techniques and devotional chanting as you practice simple asana. You will learn the fundamentals of technique, flow, breath, and relaxation in a safe and structured way.

5:30–7:00 pm

all levels vinyasa

Vinyasa means to place in a special way, setting us up for a mindful practice and flowing movement. Join us for a class with movement linked with your breath. In each class you will be guided in creative sequencing, smart and safe transitions between poses, ending with a sweet savasana. 

9:15–10:15 am



strength yoga

Come to class to find new ways to strengthen your body! This class will meet you where you are with safe challenges,  deep mindful movement and the use of props. Whether you want to increase your strength to improve specific yoga poses, feel confident carrying an extra bag of groceries or lift a heavy suitcase with ease, or just to feel good in your body, you'll leave this class feeling strong and grounded. 

This class is ideal for any time or stage in your life - after having a baby, carrying a toddler or healing from an illness or surgery. 

4:30–5:30 pm

gentle yoga

A slow-paced, less rigorous yoga class, where the emphasis is on alignment and breath. A great class for those who want to slow down either because you're tired, injured, living with arthritis or wanting to get inspired by women who are still practicing yoga at 88!

(Lost Lake Road—address provided upon registration)

6:00–7:15 pm

9:00–10:15 am

10:00–11:15 am

10:00–11:15 am



restorative yoga

Classical yoga poses are modified with the aid of props like bolsters, blankets, blocks, and yoga straps to provide more support to the body. This helps the body to relax deeply, supporting a calm mind and clear vision.

Through gentle movement and breathing practices, learn ways to relieve the effects of stress, which can weaken your immune system, challenge your blood pressure and create tense and painful holding patterns in the body.

This will also help you on those days when you are feeling tired and depleted or are recovering from an illness or injury.

The art of relaxation brings out the power and infinite potential within you.

4th Tuesday of the Month
5:30 pm

yoga for anxiety and depression

Do you experience mood changes like:
•Changes in appetite
•Eating too much or not enough
•Sleeping too much or having insomnia
•Unfounded fear?

If so, then this simple, yet effective class is for you. You will be guided through a sequence of easy, supportive poses that are designed to balance your emotions and hormonal system while calming and soothing the mind and body. You will feel calm and uplifted, ready to live to love life!

1:00–2:15 pm