Childbirth Education

Transform into the mother you were born to be!

The Labor Workshop

This is one of the best  workshops you can take to prepare you for Birth!    

You may wonder: What will labor be like? How will I cope with the pain? Will I be able to help her the way she needs me to?

The intention of this workshop is to help you connect with each other and feel more confident in your labor and birth through:

  • Breathing, massage, acupressure and relaxation techniques

  • Specific movements that can help your baby be in an optimal position for birth

  • And mother's positions that will help you cope with the pain of labor

You will also learn about the normal process of labor and how the environment affects labor. By the end of the class you both will feel inspired and confident to birth your baby!  You can take this class several times if you want, and at any stage of your pregnancy.

This is a 2 hour workshop focused on strengthening coping skills in labor.  

Fee: $75/couple or use 4 classes from your class card.  Pre-registration required. Register early as class size is limited.

Private Childbirth Session: available by appointment.

Included with movement and breathing practices you will see a unique 30 minute DVD demonstrating many coping techniques and birthing positions.

Email: to schedule your session with one of our instructors who are highly skilled in prenatal yoga and are birth doulas.

Fee: $145/ approximately 1.5-2 hours per session per couple. 

Here is what one couple says about their private childbirth session:

"Our experience learning with you was wonderful, and it was amazingly helpful for the time leading up to and through labor and delivery.  Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of a safe and healthy natural birth!” M. Rudin

I Can Birth

Mothers all over the world say, I want the best for my baby.

An undisturbed birth is best for most mothers and babies.

This workshop is designed to inspire and nurture you. To deepen your awareness of labor and birth so that you will feel empowered to give birth.

Women and babies have a natural wisdom necessary for birth.  I Can Birth, a childbirth education program, gives you and your partner the experience of the body-mind connection and more understanding of the bodily functions of birth  to help you tap into this wisdom. 

You will leave this class feeling inspired, more confident and ready to give birth.

Included in this 2-day weekend workshop:

  • Comfort measures using breath, yoga, relaxation and meditation techniques.

  • Movement and labor strategies.

  • The biology of birth.

  • Evidence based care providing you with information that will help you feel more empowered.

Friday, 7-9pm and Saturday 1-5pm  $195/couple

Wear comfortable clothing due to the movement in class.

Want to reserve your spot now? We would love for you to join us.