Annabelle DuMez-Matheson

I have been practicing yoga for five years and through it am so grateful to have found found peace, strength, resilience, and connection. I believe that life is a journey that we travel on our own path.  When our paths intersect, we together can find hope and healing. Yoga has become something that has brought me deep inward reflection, healing, and connection with my community. Moments in which we can pause, consider, see, and celebrate the NOW can be beautiful. Yoga helps us daily both on and off the mat to discover that gift.

I  love babies and their moms.  My friends think of me as a “baby whisperer” because of my calming effect on them. I have a deep desire to help moms feel seen, supported, powerful, and safe as they grow their baby and am passionate about helping moms learn about their body, transition to giving birth, and enjoying time as a mom. 

It is an honor to  journey with you on this path regardless of your background or experience. I look forward to meeting you!

Annabell DuMez-Matheson has her 200-hour yoga certification from Twist Yoga in Edmonds WA, a Master’s degree in counseling and human resource development.  She is currently working on her 500-hour certification, specializing in prenatal, Ayurvedic, restorative, and trauma-informed yoga.

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