The Founders

    Colette and I founded the Seattle Holistic Center as a result of our love for each other, and our work in yoga, aikido, birth, and relationships. We could see early on that one could become proficient at doing the yoga pose or the aikido technique and still live a life that is in shambles. We decided that we wanted to pursue our respective disciplines in a way that gives something back to the world, starting with our own relationship to each other and our family. We discovered that without clarity in our personal lives with each other, that the aikido or yoga that we did was just an empty dance, a physical contortion with no bearing on our daily life. We found that the energy that is given back to the world by healing a relationship or by raising one's children consciously, is greater than teaching thousands of people to do a backbend or a hip throw.

    Aikido founder, Morihei Ueshiba spoke of the Aiki victory as winning not over someone else but of winning over one's self. Patanjali the father of yoga considered asana, to be a warm-up for meditation and taught that yoga means union. Both sages clearly point in the direction of self-realization. How we are with our spouse and children is how we are at work. We can't be enlightened on the mat and fragmented at home because we are the same person, wherever we go. With that in mind we stress the meditative aspects of yoga, aikido or the work that is involved in being in a relationship. Meditation means looking deeply into oneself. This can be done in every moment, not just when sitting on a pillow. Colette helps the women in the prenatal yoga classes to put their hearts and minds together and to let go of their attachments as they prepare for birth. Our prenatal yoga program is not only about the yoga stretches, it is a preparation for the transforming experience of birth.

    At the Seattle Holistic Center there is ample opportunity for you to get to know yourself on the deepest level. Take a look at our catalog and web site for a full schedule of our classes and events. Check out our wellness program where we offer various modalities of bodywork including our specialty in prenatal massage. Colette and I hope that the Seattle Holistic Center will be helpful to you in making positive change in your life!


    Bruce and Colette

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